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Earn 20% affiliate commission for spreading the word.

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We are building a generous affiliate program for our Indiegogo campaign and beyond.


Check the 15 sec video to the left to learn more. And then visit The Best Small Business In the World's YouTube Channel for even more. 

Join our affiliate program for our Indiegogo campaign and beyond. What does beyond mean? It means that you can continue to promote The Best Small Business In the World beyond the life of the Indiegogo campaign.  And it means that the follow on products we create will also generate affiliate commissions for you. For the life of the customer. 


Our target audience is the 99.6% of business owners with businesses under $10M/year in revenue.


If you have an email list of small business owners, this should be a slam dunk for you. Feel free to reach out to us for copy, custom videos and more. 

We want to support you and your success. The way we figure it, we wouldn't likely reach your audience without you. So why shouldn't we help you succeed for helping us succeed?


To join our affiliate program click the button down below and register. 

Then share your unique affiliate link on Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Insta, and on your Blog, Website, or wherever you'd like. You know how this works...

We've also started a Media Kit with logos, photos, videos, press releases, and more.  And we'll continue to build it out to support you. 


And remember, you can always refer to your Kickbooster dashboard to track your results  and revenue.

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